MASSAGE THERAPY     "one is not born into the world to do everything but
                                                                                            to do something."    ~ henry david thoreau

~"I count myself blessed to have found Susan Ruble as a massage therapist in Mount Airy.  Her gentle manner combined with her massage-to-order has resulted in physical restoration as well as mental relaxation.  I always leave her office feeling renewed and ready to face the activities of my busy family and work life.  Susan's flexibility in scheduling has also been a benefit when juggling a hectic calendar."          -Beverly L

~"Susan enhanced my Division 1 Lacrosse Referee season by doing deep muscle/tissue massage.  This assisted in my recovery efforts in between games.  She is easy and makes the whole experience of getting a massage, an enjoyable, healthy one."  -
Patty D.

~"As someone who has fibromyalgia and a strenuous job, Susan has greatly improved my quality of daily life and helped manage my chronic pain.  She is extremely thoughtful in her approach to my specific needs, and truly cares about my well-being.  I would recommend Susan to anyone who has a specific problem, or just wants a comprehensive and thorough massage."  -Emily F.

~"Susan saved me a trip to the doctors and probably another medication.  My neck, shoulders were so tight that I was having chronic headaches.  She fit me into her schedule on short notice and went to town on those muscles. Thanks Susan!
    -Suzanne V.

~"I have been a client of Ms. Ruble for the past 8 years and am so grateful for her personalized and professional service. I have had scoliosis since adolescence and hesitated seeking massage therapy for a long time in fear of someone not knowing how to "handle my scoliosis issues", yet my physical therapist gave me Susan's business card and recommended her for therapeutic massage. Susan immediately calmed my anxieties with her questions and a desire to make sure that I received the customized massage that I needed."  -Martha P.

~"I've found Susan to be my own personal fountain of youth.  Her knowledge and application of massage therapy has allowed me to continue with a very active lifestyle into my 50's.  When I'm too foolish to know when to stop pushing myself, she has been there to aid in my injury recovery and provided guidance to avoid future issues"  -Herb F.

~"Between dentistry and an addiction to golf,  I've had more than 25 years of back issues.  I've had physical therapy, Chiropractic care, and back surgery. One session on Susan's table is all one needs to look no further.  She has not only the knowledge and skill to help anyone, but also two essentials that I found lacking in most other massage therapists.  First, she has the gentle strength needed to reach those deep knots.  Second, and to me this can make or break the deal, she has great tempo.  If you have ever had a massage and felt like the therapist was scurrying around the table, jumping around your body without a game plan or routine, you'll know what I mean.  To me, without tempo, a massage is not relaxing.  It is without reservation that I can recommend Susan.  She will help make you feel better."   -Dr. Buddy H.
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